Who are we?

Well, ladies first! I'm Denita. A retired RN turned full-time entrepreneur, motivational speaker, & podcaster. My passion is helping others love themselves again!

I was your typical RN. Overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed. I needed more, I yearned for more and when the opportunity came for me to start my own business, I took it. Four months later I was able to retire myself from nursing by following my passion for health and helping others though customized workout plans and meal plans, course creation, and motivational speaking. We are meant to live life passionately and I am doing exactly that! 

Follow my journey at DenitaSmothers.com.

And I'm Ramon. A ex-engineer turned full-time entrepreneur. I'm an author, mentor, and mindset coach. After being laid-off I decided I wasn't going back to work. I was gonna pursue my passion and make a living doing something I love to do. With that came the birth of my blog over at RamonSmothers.com. I focus on Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. Where the motto is to Live Your Legacy. One day at a time. 

We're not your typical newlyweds.

How did we get here? To make a long-story short, we jumped. We jumped off of the cliff of security and decided we would learn to fly on the way down.

This is our place for inspiration, motivation, and a ton of education. Join us on our journey to success with our online businesses as we share everything we learn along the way in order for you to do the same.

We promote wealth and wisdom as key components to a prosperous life. 

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