Ep. 027 - 5 Ways To Stay Grateful in the Face of Struggle

In episode 27 Denita and Ramon flew solo and got the gratitude wheels turning. After taking 2 weeks off to deal with Hurricane Harvey they returned...grateful for everything and everyone in their lives.

In this episode, we list our top 5 ways to express gratitude when everything around you says not to. Enjoy.

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Ep. 026 - Creativity, Happiness, and Book Publishing with Erica Glessing

On this episode, we sat down with Erica Glessing, host of The Erica Glessing Show and CEO and Founder of Happy Publishing. A book publishing company for authors around the globe. Ramon was a guest on her show a while ago and extended the invite for her to come on ours. Erica's success comes from doing what she loves to do from a peaceful and non-stressful place. This conversation was a lot of fun as Erica brings out the fun and light side of entrepreneurship. Enjoy!

Connect with Erica at: http://theericaglessingshow.com/

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Ep. 025 - Rapid Fire to the Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas

If you had a chance to sit down with one of the most influential people online today, what would you ask him? Well, we got that chance in this episode and we fired some of our best questions to him in rapid succession. 

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast answered and enlightened us to some of his biggest challenges as an entrepreneur and also his biggest wins. After he got off the hot seat, Ramon and Denita took turns answering the same set of thought-provoking, inspiring, and vulnerable set of questions. This was a short, but very impactful episode. Enjoy!

Find John Lee Dumas at eofire.com

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Ep. - 024 From Nurse to Business Owner with Shalana Crawford

We both thoroughly enjoyed our sit down with this weeks' guest but Denita made an instant connection when she heard of her story. Shalana Crawford was a nurse for 10 years before she decided to jump head first into entrepreneurship and open her aesthetics business. In this episode, we get to hear her fear filled, inspiring, and informative story about she was able to take that leap of faith and leave the safe and secure world behind! Enjoy!

Connect with Shalana at www.gleauxaesthetics.com

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Ep. 023 - Entrepreneurship, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly with Isiah Fowler

This week's episode is another GREAT conversation! Isiah is a hustler in every aspect of the word. He tells us his very inspirational story from knowing what it feels like to be hungry and broke to creating a business that allows him to speak at universities. He holds nothing back in this candid interview and we have front row seats to the good, the bad, and the ugly side of entrepreneurship. Please listen!

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Connect with Isiah at www.startswithavision.com

Ep. 022 - The Subtle Art of Risk-Taking and Entrepreneurship with Chris Senegal

Ep. 022 was maybe our longest interview yet and for good reason. We just could not stop asking talking to our guest on this episode! 

Chris Senegal is a one stop shop for information, inspiration, and education. He fits in really well over here at The 2 Peas in a Pod Podcast! 

We spoke about everything from real estate to retirement, from stocks to restaurants. He has been involved in and owned businesses in each of these industries! The feedback on Facebook was amazing as you all watched live as we interviewed him. 

If you hadn't seen the interview head on over to facebook.com/wearetwopeasinapod to watch the interview. Chris is a very established entrepreneur who has tons of knowledge and we are glad he shared it with us. Enjoy!

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Ep. 021 - Live Streaming, Technology, and How To Turn Your Gift Into A Business with Monte Weaver

Episode 21 is a story of how Monte Weaver, founder of Streaming Techs turned his love of IT into an online business. We picked his brain on all things live streaming and technology. This was another information filled interview as Monte is amazing at what he does. He teaches entrepreneurs how to use free and low-cost software to build their businesses. We linked all of the software below for easy access to these amazing resources. Try a few today and start building like a pro.

Connect with Monte Weaver at: streamingtechs.com

List of Resources
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - http://obsproject.com

Wirecast - https://www.telestream.net/wirecast/overview.htm

vMix - http://www.vmix.com/

Filmora - Video Editing Software - https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/

Adobe Premiere - Video Editing Software - http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html

LiveU Solo - http://gosolo.tv/ 

iMovie - Video Editing Software - https://www.apple.com/imovie/

Ep. 20 - How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

If you could make any amount of money next year, how much would you want? We asked this question to our live audience and got very typical answers. All but one person said they wanted over $1,000,000. Why? Because we often do not feel like we can ever attain $1,000,000. To us, it's out of reach. We first have to believe we can attain it before we ever do. So on this episode, we're discussing how to believe you're a millionaire before you ever become one. And allow that to lead you there. Enjoy.

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Ep. 019 - The Woman Who Built A School in Africa with Kelsey Bradley

In this very exciting episode, we got a chance to talk with Kelsey Bradley, founder of Design Cause, Inc. and the only woman we know personally who has built a school in Africa! I know right! A school, in Africa! This was an incredible interview and a ton was learned. Kelsey shared with us from start to finish how to start a nonprofit, raise money for a project of this magnitude, coordinate the project, and fly to Africa to live and help build it!

Connect with Kelsey at kelseydeebradley.com and stay updated on her upcoming projects.

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Ep. 018 - How To Overcome Fear in 5 Days

This past week, we hosted a challenge in our Facebook group called Living Legacy Community. (Go search it and join.) It was a 5 Day Challenge that was devoted to shifting the mindset of everyone involved in order to overcome fear. We felt a lot of people got value out of it and we got really good feedback from the community. So, of course, we couldn't leave our listeners out. On this episode, we're talking and walking you through overcoming fear in 5 days! It's Monday...so you have all week! Enjoy!

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Ep. 017 - The 21 Year-Old Scientists with A Passion To Change The World with Ramon Milas

Episode 17 was a fun one! We got to interview our first scientists who just so happens to be 21 years old and a business owner! Ramon is the founder of StudentScientists.com who started a now national organization to highlight the work students in the science field are doing. He urges them to believe that they are "successful" enough now to make an impact on the world. A lot like what we preach over here on our podcast! This was an informative episode. Enjoy!

Connect with Ramon at StudentScientists.com

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Ep. 015 - How To Get Started Wholesaling Real Estate with Darrell Muhammad

Be sure to listen to the end of this episode because, our guest, Darrell Muhammad has something he wants to give you for FREE! This was a knowledge-filled episode and was very fun for both of us! Darrell Muhammad has over 20 years of experience in real estate. He's chosen wholesaling as his focus and has mentored many others to success in real estate. He describes his biggest deal ever (a $31,000 deal with a local bank) and he also lectures us black people on the importance of investing in ourselves firstly and letting that be a catalyst to generate wealth. For anyone who's interested in real estate, please tune into this episode! Enjoy!

Connect with Darrell at www.DarrellMuhammad.net

And get started on your real estate journey with him at http://www.thesecretstowholesaling.com/

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Ep. 014 - Building a Brand Worldwide with Bryan Shelmon

In Episode 14 we sat down with Bryan Shelmon who runs and owns Anthem Culture. A global company that highlights culture around the world through film, music, food, and art. We spoke about building quality relationships online and offline. And also, how he was able to take his company from college gigs in Pittsburgh and now to Mexico, Thailand, Columbia, and more! Enjoy!

Connect with Bryan at AnthemCulture.com

And download the mobile app "Anthem Culture" in your app store.

Ep. 012 - How To Use Your Introvert Superpowers to Build A Successful Business with Kelly James

In this episode, Ramon flew solo and interviewed Kelly James of KellyJamespro.com. In Denita's absence the guys got a chance to sit down and talk all things introvert, and all things entrepreneurial. Kelly has been in online entrepreneurship for 8 years now and has had success in many different avenues. His focus now is helping introverts build successful businesses by offering coaching and mentoring. He told the story of his presentation on the Ted stages in front of a packed crowd in Curacao and how he was able to land such an amazing opportunity and more! Enjoy!

Find Kelly James at kellyjamespro.com

And all social media at: Kelly James Pro

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Ep. 011 - Ask Us Anything

We gathered our most asked questions and combined them all into one big great episode! If you had any questions pertaining to entrepreneurship, fitness, writing a book, or even the key to success. Listen to episode 11! We answer all of those and more. Enjoy!

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Ep. 010 - Jobs Fill Your Pockets, Adventures Fill Your Soul with Farran Manuel

Farran is a good friend of ours and is a good friend to everyone. Her energy is eclectic and it radiates through her soul. So it is only fitting that we brought her on to talk more about soul-searching in Episode 10.

Her love for travel and photography seemed to mesh perfectly and at the right time to officially start her business. We love to call her the 'traveling photographer'.

See more of Farran at www.farranmanuel.com

Connect with Farran on IG: instagram.com/farranweezy

And also on IG at: www.instagram.com/farranmanuel

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Ep. 009 - The Value In Mentoring with Lawrence Joseph

In this week's episode, we had an amazing interview with another fellow podcaster who we both truly admire. He was also the first person to reach out to us for an interview on his podcast. So we truly enjoyed being able to bring him onto the show. We discussed the value in mentoring and ways to find good, insightful individuals to inspire and educate you. Lawrence also has an upcoming project that will allow single mothers to find good male role models to mentor their sons and daughters. This episode was inspirational as well as very educational as Lawrence discussed his entrepreneurial journey and some of the keys to his recent success. Enjoy!

Connect with Lawrence: www.blackmentorpodcast.com

IG: @blackmentorpodcast

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Ep. 008 - This is the Couple I was Telling You About with Marcus Lloyd and R'el Dade

In this episode, we got to interview two of our close friends who are having amazing success in the Influencer Marketing business. Their blog and social media following is now at over 30,000 loyal fans and growing. In this interview, we discuss how they were able to grow such a huge following and how they have created a successful business that allows them to travel the world doing what they love to do. Which is take amazing photos! Enjoy!

Connect with Marcus on Instagram.

Connect with R'el on Instagram.

Their blog is at thisistheplaceiwastellingyouabout.com